November 2020
Special Education Spotlight

Lissa Zukoff, Special Education Specialist

I’ve heard from some SEPTA Presidents that feel isolated, challenged to connect with people, and they worry they won’t be able to grow their membership. . . .

PTA is a powerful advocate for all children, but we are strongest when we have an active and diverse membership. So, how can we increase our outreach? Here are some suggestions:


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To receive help with MemberHub, you can schedule a 30 minute 1-on-1 call  and speak with a fellow PTA Officer who can help you.
You have access to membership graphics that you can fully customize for your local PTA in both English and Spanish.
There is a full page of NEW resources available on making your PTA virtual.

Membership Newsletters are archived on the website in case you missed an issue or want to refer back.


To receive the Students Rock award digital badge you must exceed 30% of your membership as students. Our students are the heart of PTA!
You do NOT have to be a PTSA to have student members. Any age child can be a PTA member. PTA is for the whole family and can be a great learning experience and meaningful volunteer opportunity for children.

Your Region is focusing on the Students Rock Award for this month's Region Contest. You can help them come out on top.
Contact your RMC for details.
Monthly To-Do List
  • Check out all the resources available to promote membership on the Membership Toolkit page
  • Schedule a 1-on-1 with MemberHub
  • Pay State/National dues for all members who have joined to date by November 30
  • Upgrade to Store 2.0 by December 15
  • Gather marketing materials to promote a second membership drive after the holidays
  • Gear up for the new Savvy Membership Award in January
Central Hudson Region Highlight
Jennifer McPhee - Central Hudson Region Membership Chair (RMC)

This is my third year as the RMC and although things should be on cruise control this year, 2020 had other plans. My favorite part of being an RMC is helping units work through issues and achieve their goals. I look forward to working with our units this year to find new ways to grow their memberships during these unprecedented times.
Full article link below.

Clarkstown High School North PTSA has had tremendous success with membership since migrating to the online MemberHub store last year, and it has helped significantly with the obstacles they encounter today due to COVID. They currently have 628 members and are 75% of the way toward their membership goal. . . .This year the PTSA is offering a free Clarkstown North face mask with every membership. CHSN’s PTSA President Angela Barry created the masks and they are a huge hit.
Full article link below.

Another unit we would like to highlight is the Monroe-Woodbury Senior High School PTSA. Just this week they surpassed their membership goal for the year with no signs of slowing down. . . .What they are most proud of is their newly created Student Leadership Committee. . . . It has created an opportunity to showcase the PTSA to the student body and their families and they feel that it has helped their membership grow. 


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