May 2021
Committee Spotlight

Lisa Mount, Rural Specialist

Hi, my name is Lisa Mount and I am the Rural Specialist at NYS PTA....I am so proud to be a part of the PTA in my local units, region and state. I know as a team, we can make a difference and advocate for all the children who need us to be their voices. We all have so many different gifts and talents, and if we can compile them all together, we make a well functioning body of amazing men and women that can accomplish so much. PTA Your Way may be different for each of us, but our goal will always be the same, the children....I can tell you the friends you make through PTA will make your life better by knowing they have your back....
Hot Topics

Nomination/Election time is here!  It's a good time to have one final reminder for membership as everyone must be a member to vote!
Virtual Election Guidance - Check out all the information shared about holding virtual elections on the Covid-19 Guidance for Unit Leaders.
Have you entered all of your members who have joined to date? Do you have a spreadsheet of member info you want to have imported for you? Contact the state office Membership Manager.
Remember you must have at least 25 paid members to continue as an active unit in good standing. If you need to send a check for membership, the address is:
One Wembley Ct.
Albany, NY 12205

Earn the Good Apple Awards for membership growth at the following levels.
Gold > 100% Growth
Silver > 50% Growth
Bronze > 25% Growth
Thank you to everyone who applied for this award and for your efforts in making everyone feel welcome at PTA.
Random Drawing Winner is..........
#10-130 East Lake PTA - Congratulations!
To see a list of all recipients - check out the Membership Awards webpage.
Membership Advocacy Highlights
SHARE with your entire school community, the value of their PTA Membership summarized in this new graphic with 2020 Advocacy highlights!
Monthly To-Do List
  • STRIPE account for Online Membership - Make sure you have set up a new credit card processing account so members can join your PTA online. This is available in your Store Admin tab.
  • All State Dues Balances should be paid by May 31 (including any remaining balances from prior year)
  • When you hold your elections, please update your Officers in MemberHub to reflect the 2021-2022 year. This MUST be done even if you have no changes!
  • Make sure you have the required minimum of 25 paid members to remain in good standing
Nassau Region Highlight
Andrea Giattini, Nassau Region Membership Chair (RMC)

I am Andrea Giattini, the Nassau Region Membership Chair.  This is my second year as RMC and being involved in Nassau Region.  I have been involved in parents’ clubs and PTA since my oldest was in kindergarten in the mid 1990’s.


I have been on the Sixth Grade Committee, the Holiday Plant Sale Chair for 3 years, the Mother’s Day Plant Sale Chair for 4 years, Treasurer of the PTSA, Treasurer of the District Council, Chair of the Council Scholarship Committee and, most recently, member of the Council Bylaws Committee.


I hope I am a resource to my Region Units for Membership information and ideas.  I have held a “Membership Chat” for Nassau Region Unit Membership Chairs and Presidents.  This was an informal meeting to discuss Membership issues in the virtual world of PTA.  I hope to expand this chat to have Units share their best practices and ideas for growing Membership in the next year.


Nassau Region has 19 Units that have exceeded their Membership Goal for the 2020-2021 year.  Nassau Region Units have received many Membership Award Badges.  We are proud of the work our Units are doing. 

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Need a Step by Step guide on how to set up a Fundraiser?
Need help with MemberHub?  Check out all the resources available on the NYS PTA MemberHub HELP webpage!
PTA Spirit
Join NYS PTA President, Dana Platin in Shining a Light on Every Child with One Voice!
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