September 2020
My name is Mary Sotomayor, and I am your NYS PTA Membership Coordinator. Our membership team created this newsletter for your membership team.  As you know, open communication is the key to any team's success. 

Keep an eye out for this monthly newsletter for tips and tricks to help you have the best membership year ever. 

Wish you could see something specific?  Email us!  membership@nyspta.org
Membership Committee Spotlight

Hello ! 你好! हैलो! Hola! Χαίρετε! Ciao! Alo! ہیلو! 안녕하세요!

My name is Namiko Suga and I’m your new Diversity Coordinator at NYS PTA. My committee covers Diversity, Inclusion, and Outreach and we’re a large group dedicated to advocating for diversity and inclusion in all its many forms. We have some exciting initiatives planned and we can’t wait for you to see them...

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Hot Topics

We have a new How to "Virtual PTA" webpage with ideas to spark your creativity - check back often for additions as we are just getting started!

Membership Toolkit is the resource page for
 marketing materials, including graphics for newsletters and social media plus customizable graphics, forms and certificates.

The Membership Awards Page is where you will find all the award details including, how to qualify and what your PTA could earn. 
  • 1st Place - $100 cash prize plus Logo Car Magnet and PTA swag
  • 2nd Place - $100 cash prize plus Logo Car Magnet
  • 3rd Place - $100 cash prize plus Logo Car Magnet
  • Achieve more than 60% of your Membership Goal to earn the Early Bird Digital Award
  • A random winner will be selected from all award recipients to win PTA swag
Monthly To-Do List
  • Complete the MemberHub Checklist
  • Check that your online store Membership link ends with .store instead of .com
  • Email the online store link to all past members and ask them to join your PTA (use the people tab to send a quick message)
  • Locate your Membership Goal on  Unit Data page and focus on reaching at least 60% of your goal to earn the Early Bird Award 
  • Pay State/National dues for all members who have joined to date by Sept 30
  • Get marketing materials ready to promote membership to teachers and school staff
  • Check with your Region Membership Chair for complete details for the Region Contest - Click here for contact info
  • Enter the number of school employees on the Unit Data page in MemberHub (required to qualify) 
Region Highlight

Christine LeVey- Genesee Valley Region

This is my third year being involved at the Region level and I highly recommend unit leaders get involved with their Region. I get to see a glimpse of what goes on at the State and National levels and I have made some lasting friendships while witnessing the power of PTA advocacy. I enjoy hearing from PTA units and sharing my knowledge about MemberHub or membership building strategies. There is so much greatness out there that we never hear about–we all need to talk more and share ideas. Make the most of this home time and reach out to everyone in your community. We are stronger together. #PTAYourWay

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Highest Statewide Percentage Membership Growth 2019-2020

Our Avon PTA is thrilled to be recognized in this way by the NYS PTA!...Sharing our events and news on our Avon Braves PTA Facebook group has allowed us to reach more people than ever before and keep them encouraged and in the loop with what we are doing. We have welcomed much activity over the years as a result...

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