January 2021
PTA Spirit
Want to represent for PTA? We have got you covered!
Order the new state president theme face masks or pins "Shining a light on every child with one voice" or the new PTA Your Way magnet pictured above from the NYS PTA Store
Committee Spotlight

Renee Daniels, NYS PTA Convention Technology Assistant

My name is Renee Daniels and I am the Convention Technology Assistant. You might be thinking, “What does Convention Technology have to do with Membership?” Well, Membership is everyone’s job. So here I am, ready to do my part to help us grow! 


PTA has many working parts with lots of volunteers that do a ton of different things. Some of those things are not necessarily seen by everyone. My part was to help with planning NYS PTA’s Annual Conference and just like everything else this year, our Conference had to change due to the pandemic. But one thing that has not changed is the need for Members. You have heard it before, and I am sure you will hear it again … Members are the heart of our Association. Without Members we cannot do all the work that we do. From Advocacy to Training Unit Leaders and everything in between, Members make everything possible. . . .


Hot Topics

We are giving away PRIZES each week in January randomly to units who customize the new Membership Goal Thermometer graphic!  Post your thermometer to Facebook and tag @New York State PTA or send a pic to chat@nyspta.org and we will post for you to qualify.
It's a new year and not too late to ask your familes and school community to join PTA!  Send your thermometer graphic in a message through the MemberHub PEOPLE tab and ask everyone to join if they haven't already. 

PTA Swag will be awarded to the PTA with the highest Goal percentage in each of our 12 regions.
$100 cash awards will be given to 3 randomly selected units from the 12 region winners.

The Savvy Membership Digital Badge will be awarded to all PTAs who reach 100% of their Membership Goal.
Monthly To-Do List
  • Set up your Stripe account to allow Members to join your PTA online
  • Monitor your progress to achieving your Membership Goal and earning the new Savvy Membership Award
  • Pay State/National dues for all members who have joined to date by January 31
Leatherstocking Region Highlight
Renee Daniels – Region Membership Chair (RMC)

Hi! My name is Renee Daniels. I have been a part of PTA since 2009 and started my PTA adventure as a Unit Treasurer. After spending 6 years with my home unit, doing it all, I joined the Region Board as RMC. That was back in 2015! Recently, I completed my third term as the Leatherstocking Region Director. Now I am back at Membership! Some may joke and say I can’t get away from it, but if truth be told I have always enjoyed membership. . . .




Ralph Perry Junior HS PTA has already surpassed their membership goal for this year!
Officers; Kim Reale, Katie Taylor, Jennifer Bailey, Jessica Thomas and their Member Chair, Sarah Walker, are PTA flexible!

This team credits smashing their goal to the “Morning Announcements” that the Principal emails every school day to all parents. In this daily email, Mr. Paradis always asks the parents to join PTA, and they do! . . .





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